TCP and UDP Sockets API on Chrome, Firefox and Safari desktop browsers with extensions via native messaging.

What? A cross-platform, cross-browser extension for desktop browsers that injects simple & easy-to-use UdpPeer, TcpServer and TcpClient sockets API into page window, available in plain JavaScript.

Why? I was prototyping a web-based multiplayer-online game then realized that WebSocket and WebRTC standard APIs are not flexible enough to achieve custom networking solutions when needed. After that I took the challenge and decided to provide raw UDP and TCP sockets with a simple API so that people can implement their own network transport layer on top. Especially for real-time games, you’d better use thin UDP transport layer to fight with network congestion!

How? Using Native Messaging APIs on Chrome↗ and Firefox↗, we are exchanging messages with native host app (Messenger) so it does all socket operations for us.

Getting Started